The Final Novel game was a social experiment where players could add individual words to a single collective story.

After obtaining in game points, a player could purchase individual words through earned in-game money and add them to a ongoing collection called "The Final Novel". After about 10 days of playing, a total of 47 LudumDare devlopers and players created a story of a total 490 words. Here is their story:

And So Our Story Begins As Such, When I first decided to look at the sky I wasnt sure if what I saw was Ludumdareius - the great king whale , smiling Baka. And at that moment dragons and boats appeared on the coastal horizon. Regal kindly and above all , on fire. Death came swiftly for the whale king, and everyone was sad and terrified and lonely, but that didnt stop the dragon whalers. For They are evil beings , with hearts of chocolate and rage. "BRING OUT THE KITTENS!" bellowed Phil Fish. Kittens and Goats rampaged across the fled the land . and youtube was sad. BUt one group rose into the mines of moria . you shall not pass, cried the guitar heroes. Suddenly a giant octopus yelled bring me a young potato . Samwise knew exactly how to mash a potato. WITH KITTENS! Calamari kitten potato salad with extra dill. Wish fries on the side. the giant squid then said: dont make me call cthulhu .

there was silence until suddenly... BOOOOM! a huge fart .

Cartman! - said cthulhu . Watch where you aim the bass cannon.

That wasn't a Bass cannon, he said, pulling up his pants. Hope no one filmed that.

We need to get to the chopper! They ran as quick as an unijambist cyclop Pikachu . Which is damn fast. Upon seeing this I too ran to the chopper as I realized I was In danger! It looked like I stank slowly , drifting past corpses of butterflies.

It was time to leave.

The chopper rose, and turned towards the great giga pudding, chthulu's resting place. Then, I decided I would totally eat this peanut butter sandwich . Since I am allergic to nuts, I st arted to inflate like a blow fish . Cthulhu gave chase, throwing bloody potato salad at the chopper. With a gurgle, some of it impacted the chassis, and splashed on everyone. The mayonnaisE eased the inflamation, but the damage was done. Fearing these were my last moments to Live, I However yelled on the pilot's ear: ARE WE THERE YET?

The pilots ear broke

off under the pressure Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you, no man ask for Under pressure that burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets

I turned off the radio . "This isn't the time to Listen to Queen!" I said. Suddenly, Another potato appeared on the horizon and waited silently. This was the potato that was trying to take over the world! It must be stopped! I knew, that everyone Depended on me so I had to kill him. It was over. I'll Always love you Wiki sucks. Depressed, we all began to eat the hairy ballsack of Spongebob quarepants. Truly, this was an end to all the world.
aS THE WORLD CAME TO AN ending, I did nothing buT gaze at the rising sun. I looked too long and was blinded.

Thanks too all who contriubuted to humanities last novel, our existance is sure to be well documented.