Richard M Georgeoff III         Columbus, OH 43235

Email:              USA mobile: 16143254832              China mobile: 8613586510549

Objective:          It’s my passion to make awesome and innovative games.  I hope to find a creative and productive environment where I can put my game development and programming skills to work adding benefit to a great team and ultimately succeed together creating the best game titles of this generation.


Work Experience:

Need for Seat                                April ‘15 - August ‘15                                Columbus, OH (USA)

 -Managed and created new relationships with high profile YouTube/Twitch gamers and the communities.

 -Traveled to the Chinese factory, improved product quality, and quickened the production efficiency.

 -Represented company at Canton Fair Trade Show in GuangZhou China, and fostered new relationships through effective communication, and business partnership skills.

 -Gained management experience, leading warehouse and factory employees in both USA and China.

Aptima Inc.                                February ’15 - May ’15                        Dayton, OH (USA)

-Recruited near the deadline of a government contract project, and given 3 months to finish the game.

-Worked with a small team, and was put in a high pressure environment, where we thrived.

-Gained experience developing applications for IOS and Android mobile devices in Unity3d and C#, and adapting code to their limitations such as low draw call restrictions and input limitations.

-Successfully filtered features down to a manageable amount for the timeline, while retaining clients needs.

Forged Chaos                                February '14 – March ‘15                         Seattle, Washington (USA)

-Game Programmer of a Massive Multi-player Role Playing Game called Trials Of Ascension.

-Managed technical side development of the project from ground zero, paper design to implementation, obtaining startup company experience and learning various do’s and don’ts of new startups.

-Created asset pipeline in cooperation with artists allowing easy integration of assets into Unity 3D.

-Designed and programmed backend network with server region system with Photon Networking, C#, PHP, MySQL, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and customized fluent nHibernate ORM libraries.

-Created collision based melee combat with lag-compensation, modular building system, a playable spider that walks on walls, crafting systems, day night cycles, particle effects, UI, physics, among many others.

-Personally created builds and frequently ran large scale player test for bugs & feedback with the community.

-Experience preparing for a Kickstarter and building a game with a live community.

NightNode Software                        June '13 –  September '13                        Stockholm, Sweden

-QA of their new indie title Gravity Wars, released on steam.  At the time I had a solid amount of Unity3D & C# experience so I was able to tell them exactly what needed to be done, down to the line of code, to fix a bug.

-Experience with modding, designing mod friendly systems, and testing these systems.

Reality Squared Games                 January '12 - May '12                                ShenZhen, China

-Intern at global game publisher where I tested content, learned about customer service, and account billing.

-I was a forum moderator and a well known in-game GM among the community.

-Studied and learned FTP (free to play) models, and witnessed their success along user retention.


Relevant Experience:

References information can be given on a request basis